Port Barton: My Perfect Plan B

Planning for an upcoming trip is never easy. I thought, in time and with a few experiences I would be good at it but I still struggle every time. Yes I picked up some techniques along the way but there are things you just can’t prepare for.

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Feeling Camiguin For The First Time

IMG_20180708_121807-01Some time a year ago, I saw the tourism ad of Camiguin Island. It was about a girl that got stood up by her supposed travel companion and was completely clueless on what she can do in a boring, quiet place. Her sentiments got interrupted by a mute tour guide/driver that offered to tour her around. It was a simple story line but was totally relatable and it piqued the interest of many, including mine. Continue reading “Feeling Camiguin For The First Time”

Waterfall Hopping in Iligan City

One irony when you travel is that, the shorter time you got the more activities you would want to do. Unsurprising, knowing the cost of the trip and the fact that you don’t know if or when you could go back to the place. Like most people, I always want to make the most of my trip so I’m really into doing side trips whenever possible. Continue reading “Waterfall Hopping in Iligan City”